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Pause . . .

Look . . . at the rays of light fan-spreading through the hole in the clouds in a bright blue New Mexican sky.

Feel . . . the gentle warm moist wind of a Florida evening against your skin.

Hear . . . the fresh fall scrape of dried leaves windblown tumbling over a harvested Western Massachusetts cornfield.

Smell . . . honeysuckle blooms as you walk by a Kentucky hedgerow.

Your body responds with first a quickening then a slowing of heart and breathing. Eyes widen then moisten. Feel profound gratitude to be alive. Do you hear music sometimes at these moments?

These arresting moments are what we’re isolated from by our multitasking, electronically connected, indoor lives.

Without technical sleight of hand, just my feet carrying me, five senses and heart responding to that which is around me, I want to bring you to these places I love and perhaps to one of those moments when you are swept away.

I’m susceptible to falling in love, and have, with many places and a few people. I look for drama of scene, earthly light-play and color, and the small hand of man laid lightly on the landscape. If just one of these photographs makes you stop and respond with body and soul, or hear music perhaps, then my work has been accomplished.

Benjamin James Kerman: I am a 21 year resident of Watertown, Massachusetts, and have been an Emergency Physician at Mount Auburn, Boston City, and Carney Hospitals. I am the father of three adopted children, now teenagers, and hope I will survive their adolescence. I was an amateur pilot, still am an avid tennis player, and love poetry.

Beneath a Sheltering SkyI feel that I was born to travel the world and become attached to places like people. I inherited an artist’s soul from my mother and wanderlust from my father. Photography is something I’ve had an affinity for since getting my first camera as a young boy. Only in the past five years have I come to realize taking pictures is a way to express feelings and convey my love of the world around me.

Born in Denmark, I was raised in the Boston area and New Mexico, lived in Paris, Mexico City, Seattle, San Francisco and a few other places for different periods of time growing up. At age 12, I spent a summer riding horses and camping in what was back then (1968) the wilderness of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and fell in love with all things alpine. As an Emergency Physician, I have worked for Native American tribes in Alaska, Idaho, and Western Washington State and once again fell in love with the damp green spectacular country of the Pacific Northwest. I have set foot in every state of the union but Arkansas and North Dakota (go figure). I have visited Iceland, Ethiopia, New Zealand, and Australia.

For Love of Place logoLife has presented me with many blessings, for which I am deeply grateful. Through photography, I am able to share these blessings with others. If my luck holds out, I’ve got many more people and places to visit and photos to take.

Acknowledgement: To my companion Paula McCree for her unfailing encouragement, patience, and consistently sound advice.