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For Love of Place Photography

“Honored to have seen your work. Blessings on you
for bringing nature to us with such rapture and skill”

“Warm, inspiring, majestic, calming.
Reminds me of why we are so fortunate to be here on earth”

“Your photos made me feel and really see” (a 10 year old)

“Your exhibit made my day!”

“What a lovely way to start the day...
delicate, quiet, filled my heart...thank you”

“Your landscapes take my breath away”

“Inspiring...I heard music and got chills
from some of your photographs”

“I stopped and felt the quietness....‘God's Eye’ watches us all”

“So many could become my favorite...absolutely fabulous!”

“We love your pictures” (a small child of unknown age)

“I felt like I just traveled the globe”

“I loved the simplicity”

“What wonderful, peaceful places...
reminded me of why I love the outdoors”

“Lovely, and well thought out and constructed exhibit...
something for everyone”

“The photographs are amazing”

“You caught the perfect light!”

“Thanks for the inspiration”

For Love of Place